Our TMMi Professional Course Options

Due to the ongoing world situation, we are not currently offering public TMMi Professional training courses.

TMMi Professional eLearning Course 

We developed our TMMi Professional eLearning course some years ago and it has been successfully used by many people to start their TMMi learning journey.  It is now fully updated to include the new Agile content and can be studied at your own pace and when it suits you. 

We include access to one of our experienced TMMi Lead Assessors to discuss and clarify as you work through the course.

For details and to purchase click here.

TMMi Professional In-House Course

We are hoping to be able to provide in-house TMMi Professional training courses again later this year (following government guidelines).  If you are interested in bringing your team up to speed with TMMi, please contact us using the form and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.


Course Overview

The Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) Professional qualification has been developed for anyone involved in using or wanting to use the TMMi model. The course has been developed to meet the requirements of the TMMi Professional Syllabus version 1.0. and prepare students for the TMMi Professional exam. The successful completion of the exam is a prerequisite to becoming a TMMi lead assessor or assessor. Students will be provided with the following:

  • A detailed understanding of the structure and content of the TMMi model, including the Goals, Process Areas and Practices for each level
  • An opportunity to sit the TMMi Professional exam
  • The course will be a mixture of lecture and practical exercises to help attendees understand the TMMi Model in detail and prepare them for the exam
Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to provide:

  • Detailed understanding of the TMMi model and its origins
  • Detailed understanding of the TMMi process areas
  • Understanding of the different assessment approaches
  • Information enabling you to explain the importance of test process improvement to management
  • Understanding of the model to provide guidance and advice on a project when using TMMi as a basis for test process improvement
  • Awareness of the relationship to CMMI
  • To provide you with the skills to act as a co-assessor on informal assessments
  • Detailed understanding of the process improvement model IDEAL
  • Prepare you for the TMMi Professional exam
The Exam 

The exam is 60 minutes (if the candidates native language is not the same as the exam language 75 minutes is allowed) made up of 40 multiple choice questions. Each correct answer is worth 1 point and a score of at least 65% (26 points or more).

The Online course does not include the exam.  This can be taken via Person Vue at a facility near you.

Suggested Attendees

Anyone who could engage with customers to deliver the TMMi offerings, this could include:

  • Test process improvers
  • TMMi lead assessor or assessor
  • Impending TMMi lead assessor or assessor
  • Business stakeholders
  • Programme/Project Test Managers
  • Test Leads
  • Test Analysts
  • Test Consultants 

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