Course Overview 

Experimentus' TMMi Assessor course is the only eLearning course currently available that will enable you to gain the skills required to become an accredited TMMi Assessor.  eLearning means that you can complete the course as and when you please and at your own pace - no need to use precious time away from work.  We complement this with access to some of the most experienced TMMi Lead Assessors in the world whilst you are completing the course.

Our TMMi Assessor eLearning course is designed to build on the skills you will have acquired on the TMMi Professional course, by preparing students who want to gain the knowledge and practical skills required, to go on and become a TMMi Assessor and Lead Assessor. We believe that both levels of assessor should have the same level of knowledge so we have combined the required topics into one course. Students will be provided with the following:  

  • Training on how to undertake TMMi assessments using the accredited Experimentus method, from planning through to delivery of the final report
  • Training on how to use the Experimentus TMMI assessment tool. The tool is provided to all students for the duration of the course (the tool is available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese as required)
  • Ability to analyse and present back the results to your organisation/sponsor.

The course is a mixture of lecture materials, practical exercises and discussions with an experienced accredited TMMi Lead Assessor to help prepare delegates to deliver TMMi assessments with confidence.

No separate exam is required to be an Assessor after obtaining the TMMi Professional Certificate.  We will provide a certificate of completion of the course to students who wish to go on to apply to the TMMi Foundation to become an accredited  Assessor or Process Improver.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to provide an understanding and practical training of how to run TMMi assessments and the analysis process through:

  • An overview of TMMi as a refresher from the TMMi Professional course
  • Introduction to the appropriate TMMi Foundation documentation
  • Training on the Experimentus TMMi Assessment tool
  • The setting up of assessments including preparation and planning
  • How to run assessments
  • The review and assessment of artefacts
  • The final scoring of the assessment and reporting back to your organisation/sponsor
  • Preparation of assessment documentation required by the TMMi Foundation for formal assessments
Benefits of the Course
  • You will be shown the theory of what is required to be a TMMi Assessor and Lead Assessor
  • Get tips on conducting assessment interviews, analysing and interpreting the results
  • With appropriate experience you can apply to the TMMi Foundation to be an accredited TMMi Assessor or TMMi Process Improver
Suggested Attendees

 Anyone who will engage with customers to deliver TMMi assessments (either formal or informal). This includes:

  •          Programme / Project Test Managers
  •          Test Leads
  •          Test Analysts
  •          Test Consultants
  •          Aspiring TMMi Assessors 

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