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As the widely recognised leading TMMi assessment organisation in the world, we are seeing an ever-increasing appetite from companies wanting to improve their IT delivery methods. To understand the demand we conduct an annual survey to identify the areas of process adoption used in the software quality industry (based on TMMi standards) to help determine where organisations and sectors should invest for future improvement.  (TMMi : Test Maturity Model integration)

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New products and services

Click here for iTM - Our Testing Framework
Assess: Quality and Accreditation

How mature is your process?  Find out with Experimentus’ independent assessment options. You’ve got to know where you are before you can figure out where you’re going. Assess and benchmark your organisation then develop a roadmap for process improvement.  Find out more

Visualise: Measure and Predict

Nowadays it is important to quickly and easily have access to your KPIs and project data. CIOs, Business Line Managers and the Head of IT / Quality need to see how their part of the business is doing. We have created a visualisation software suite that empowers the business called ORBs.  Find out more

Transform: Empower and Improve

We help our clients meet their goals and objectives by improving existing, and implementing new, software quality management processes. Our goal is to help you transform your organisational and IT efficiency to deliver real business benefits through improved software quality.  Find out more

Manage: Deliver and Monitor

We provide the expertise you need, when you need it, to reduce risk and solve problems.  All of our consultants have access to our award-winning test method (iTM) but we can also work with your existing process.  Find out more

Train: Develop and Progress

We specialise in providing training courses, mentoring and workshops that are specific to your organisation’s needs. Our experts can train your team, TMMi Professional and Assessor courses as well as bespoke courses.  Find out more