How long has it been since you put your project, organisation, training or IT processes under the microscope? Do you know how well you are performing?

Experimentus are offering a free Health Check that will help you find the answers.

Which Health Check do you require?  

ProjectTo determine whether projects are well-governed and inherent risks are being identified and controlled. 

OrganisationProvides a diagnosis of the overall health of an organisation against performance criteria such as financial, management and operational effectiveness to then target those areas required for improvement.

Quality Metrics - Provides an analysis of your quality measurements framework and how this supports testing effectiveness, product quality and delivery of business value.

Quality Assurance and Test ProcessDetermines if your testing programme and framework structure is working to launch applications on time, to specification and with maximum quality at a reasonable testing cost.

Test EnvironmentsOur clients have been talking more and more about their frustrations with Test Environment Management.  It has become one of the Top challenges in Application Development and Deployment. This survey will help you identify your test environment issues.